Hōnaunau Bay. Paeʻa. Kapuwai, Kuʻula, Kuʻemanu, Lelekawa. The sacred waters and peaceful grounds of this special place have long held the knowledge of the ancients. Slow down and you’ll hear the whisper of waters, while you channel the wisdom of these lands. Listen closely and you will hear the voices of the ancestors. Look under the clear waters to watch the glide and glint of abundant sea creatures, as they have done for millennia. To do this is to truly feel the heart and soul of the place.

Adjacent to the ancient Pu‘uhonua o Hōnaunau, the place of refuge at Hōnaunau Bay, this serene and healing spot also calls to us for preservation. And protection. Fortunately that day is here.

Our Hōnaunau Ola Mau Loa (Hōnaunau: Forever Healthy and Life-Giving) project perpetuates the life of the land and its people with a mission of ongoing historical and cultural preservation. We’re proud to introduce this grant-funded project, which enabled us to restore the Hale O Ho‘oponopono at Hōnaunau Bay while also creating an educational ahupua‘a boundary marker system for this area.

We believe it’s vitally important to preserve and perpetuate  the cultural heritage of this very special place.

This area continues to thrive and is as active today as it ever was. Local fishermen from Hōnaunau Village put out to sea each day. Worshipers in the Temple of Lono still congregate at the main heiau of Hōnaunau for spiritual enlightenment. Paddlers from Keōua Hōnaunau Canoe Club, one of Hawai‘i Island’s most venerable canoe clubs, gather here to practice, race and hold events that celebrate and perpetuate the ancient art of Hawaiian outrigger canoe paddling. Pre-school students at the Kamehameha Schools campus play and learn at the water’s edge. These are just a few of the groups who continue to practice the activities here that have nurtured and nourished untold generations of Native Hawaiians.

Enlisting the help of several local community groups and respected leaders, our project ensures that the history of this unique area and its people is secured and preserved in perpetuity. That is our mission. Please read about our efforts, and join us in our quest.